"Giancarlo Impiglia packs a mighty wallop of Art historical references in his lively compositions. He stands on the shoulders of the Italian futurists, recalls the flourishes of Art Nouveau, celebrates the curving geometry of Art Deco and integrates the concept of Cubism."

"His stylized figures inhabit a unique world of his own creation. Impiglia's verve and animation permeate his work. It is full of movement and social commentary; it is rich in observation. There is wit in his take on how people move and dress and interrelate."

"His technical skill underpins all and frees him to indulge an appetite for complexity. Giancarlo is the opposite of a minimalist: he is a maximalist and his work "talks" to civilized art appreciators."

"His is the voice of an original."

Elaine Benson
The Elaine Benson Gallery
Bridgehampton, New York

"The penetrating vision of the work of Giancarlo Impiglia provides a compelling portrait of the mood and mores of the twentieth century. From rush hour to cocktail hour ; from bustling city streets to serene stretches of beach; from elegant gatherings in opulent penthouses and aboard luxurious ocean liners to intimate Romantic encounters on moonlit terraces and posh dance floors – the realities and fantasies of our time and culture are depicted with infinite flair in the colorful compositions and bold images filling Impiglia paintings. A keen observer, he examines both the ever passing parade of ordinary workday activities, and the progression of special occasions and celebrations that lend extra dash and sparkle to our existence. What people do, Where they go, how they behave-these are things
Impiglia finds endlessly fascinating. For him there is a special challenge in discovery, in finding the new in the familiar. To this task Impiglia applies his formidable talent for interpretation, and establishes himself as a leading chronicler of our actions, hopes, and desires."

From the introduction of “The Art of Giancarlo Impiglia”
Rizzoli International Publications, Inc.
Written by Ronny Cohen

"Fifteen years after having seen Giancarlo’s work for the first time, I haven’t tired of his seemingly timeless, humorous and uplifting portrayals of his make-believe settings. For him, the world is always half-sunny, never half-cloudy. His is a world that never existed but remains inviting and believable because it offers a lifestyle we would have liked or would like to create for ourselves today. This desire has resulted in great popularity for his work. One never grows tired of his unique style as it withstands fashion and trends. His reputation and success have grown more and more people have become aware of both his art and his desire to share his version of the 'American

Excerpted from the opening address by Alex Rosenberg At The Wilfredo Lam Center
Havana, Cuba - April

"The fancies and foibles of American life in the fast lane are fair game to the penetrating eye of Impiglia. Based in New York since the mid-1970’s, the Italian-born artist has developed into an acute observer and critic of this up-scale scene. Recalling such celebrated “painters of modern life” as Constantin Guys, Toulouse-Lautrec, Italian Futurists Giacomo Balla and Gino Severini and German Expressionists Ernst Kirchner and George Gorsz, he seems drawn to archetypes and archetypal situations. The interpenetrating planar structures of Futurism in
combination with the reductive directness of Pop and an uncannily sure sense of design and proportion serve as his means of achieving a sophisticated synthetic realism. The approach…. Is at once impassioned and distant."

Excerpted from ARTNEWS, “New York Reviews”
– Alex Rosenberg Gallery
Written by Ronny Cohen